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See You at the Pole™ and Global Week of Student Prayer 2014

Please keep this in your prayers as NSHS students (as a part of the newly founded Christians In Action club) plan this prayer meet! :)
My prayer request today is specifically for these students not to be discouraged, but to be encouraged by the fact that God is our ultimate hope. He is sovereign over all things, even encounters/conversations that may happen at school!

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Not to be creepy or anything… but my new neighbors downstairs are kind of cool.

& not to mention, super friendly!

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Week One

1. My kids mentioned a joke referencing Frozen and I (probably) laughed the hardest
2. My student wrote that one of this goals for the year is to “Find who I am”
3. One of my kids’ father is a minister
4. My kids are obsessed with getting A’s…
5. My motivation for getting up in the morning is to get to school on time to read the Word and to eat oatmeal before the bell
6. The custodial staff at this school are amazing
7. I am really tempted to play Dave Barnes Pandora station during class
8. I need to stay away from my bed after school or else I will take 30 minutes to get back up
9. English teachers told students to make Twitter accounts to get HW reminders.  I made a twitter account to document my students’ work/ class activities
10. I can’t go on a whole school day without coffee… I really tried… and failed by 2PM.

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Day two back

This is amazing.

Firstly, allow me to confess my insecurity that leaks from being such a young teacher amongst so many experienced, well-aged teachers! [yes, it’s a daily struggle to crush this negativity].
Over faculty lunch today, I happened to find a seat next to my art department colleagues (safe zone) and another male science teacher who will be starting his tenth year at this school.  I thought to myself, “Jheez, what are we going to talk about… I don’t have kids…” BUT to my surprise, he soon enough asked me about my mission work (squeal!!).  He told me that his wife is a pastor at a church in Boston and that he has served at church for several years while teaching (in various states before MA).  The conversation slowly turned into story-time and I started to wonder if it was a legitimate church (which I just researched and turns out to be indeed legit).

I am so happy to see that there are people who come to this school wanting to be a light in this district, for the kids, and ultimately work for God’s glory.  Thank you thank you thank you, Jesus!


Your righteousness is like a mighty mountains.

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Conversation w Dung

Djung (talking about his new hood, Pittsburgh): In the 500 sq feet around me there are prob like 300 black ppll
but a lot of them are friendly
some are not

me: Oh wow, you’ll come back a G!

Djung: I am literally the only person they have seen
I was walking past a porch
and 3 little blackgirls were sitting down
and they were like “Look! A chinese man!”

It’s going to be a good four years for you, buddy.



Djung: Another time i was walking late at night in like a ghetto street and I was walking behind this black girl around 24 yrs old around my height and she was on the phone and then i kind of walked past her but she didnt notice me
:and she goes OH SHIT
and then on the phone shes like oh nevermind it was just some little guy
:my confidence plummeted

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First Day Officially Back

Today was my third teacher-day at the high school where I will be teaching at starting on Tuesday. Not only have the past two days of meeting new faculty been a confirmation of how awesome this year is going to be, but today was as well!  My heart is so full. 

A snippet of today’s blessing: At a faculty meeting, the principal introduced each of the new teachers with a short blurb about him/her so that the current faculty won’t be asking us, “Where do you need to be?” or “Are you a parent?” on the first day of school.   To my surprise, the principal ended my introduction with a comment about how I spent my summer doing missions (How did he know? My mentor from the past Spring wrote to him and included this because she thought it was a big part of me).  Right after the one hour long meeting, a fellow colleague found me in the crowd and asked me what kind of church I am involved with.  This conversation led me to find out that her husband is a pastor of a church in Boston, and that she needs me to lead a Christian club that students want to start up on Wednesdays!  She went on to explain that it would have been impossible for her to supervise two clubs and ended it with, “That was God.”  I wanted to cry because God was there and he made a way for this to happen so smoothly— even before I met any of the students.  I expressed my joy by affirming that I will be there on Wednesdays to supervise that club!  I pray that every single day, God will show me the amazing things that he is doing in this school, through the teachers and in the students.